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Passive imaging and monitoring in wave physics: from seismology to ultrasound - 2022
Ultrasound Imaging and Noise Correlation - Mathias Fink
Seismic Scattering from Earth to Mars - Ludovic Margerin
Noise-based approaches in operational seismic hazard applications - Berenice Froment
Seismic imaging at regional scale - The example of Western Alps - Anne Paul

Seismic time-lapse interferometry across scales - Pilar Sanchez-Pastor & Sin-Mei Wu

Accoustic Imaging to Illuminate the Mechanics of Lab Earthquakes and the Spectrum of Fault Slip Modes - Chris Marone

Geyser Imaging from Time-Lapse Hydrothermal Tremor Location - Sin-Mei Wu & Pilar Sanchez-Pastor
Monitoring Impacted Waves in Confined Granular Media -  Thomas Gallot, Gonzalo Tancredi, Camilla Sedofrito, Bruno Dominguez
Matrix Approach of Wave Imaging from the Human Body to Passive Seismology - Alexandre Aubry
Space-Time Monitoring of Groundwater Fluctuations via Seismics Interferometry - Shujan Mao
Using train noise for passive seismic imaging and monitoring - François Lavoué
Al-based exploration of geophysical date - towards the analysis of slow-slip events  - Michel Campillo
Seismic dense array based time domain spatial auto-correlation surface wave near field imaging; or:focal spot imaging  - Gregor Hillers


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