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International School of Oxide Electronics - ISOE2019

Conférence scientifique organisée à l'IES Cargèse par Vincent Garcia du CNRS THALES à Palaiseau

Initiated by the progress in thin film growth since the discovery of high TC superconductors, the field of Oxide Electronics took off at the end of the 1990’s and is now growing at an exponential pace. Major breakthroughs over the last fifteen years include the advent of multiferroics and the discovery of several unexpected phases at oxide interfaces, epitomized by the high-mobility two-dimensional electron gas found at the interface between two band insulators, LaAlO3 and SrTiO3.

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DONZELLA DOMINIQUE | Mise à jour le 04/12/2019

Du mardi 25 juin 2019 à 08h30 au vendredi 05 juillet 2019 à 18h00

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