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L’Institut d’Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse / UMS 820

In the process of production of knowledge, meetings between researchers are vital. Whatever their forms : schools, which aimed at training PhD students and young researchers, workshops, meant for the gathering of specialists, or large spectrum conferences, they all contribute to the progress of science. Every year about 30 international scientific events are organized in the IESC and gather in the « village » more than 2000 scientists from all fields. Those women and men of science find and appreciate in the IESC an exceptional geograpghical place, humanly remarkable and ideal working environment. As a matter of fact, we can hardly imagine better than those buildings harmoniously nested in a creek nearby the pleasant village of Cargèse. But beyond the idyllic setting, the scientists know that they can count on IESC’s competent and devoted staff, who makes their stay as pleasant as possible. Hence, they can fully focus on teaching young scientists and enrich their own reflections interacting with other collegues. This is how entire scientific communities were structured in Cargèse.

Director : Fabrice Mortessagne

Du lundi 27 mai 2024 au vendredi 31 mai 2024Mouvements collectifs des animaux et des robots
Du mardi 11 juin 2024 au vendredi 21 juin 2024Flow and Transport in porous and fractured media
Du mardi 25 juin 2024 au jeudi 04 juillet 2024BRIDGES meeting on special geometries and stability
Du mardi 09 juillet 2024 au vendredi 19 juillet 2024Complex and glassy systems
Du mardi 06 août 2024 au vendredi 16 août 2024Physics meets biology: Energy, dynamics and information
Du lundi 02 septembre 2024 au vendredi 06 septembre 2024Cargese Workshop Combinatorial Optimization 2024
Du lundi 02 septembre 2024 au vendredi 06 septembre 2024Spontaneous workshop XVI - Hot Topic in Mdern Cosmology
Du lundi 09 septembre 2024 au mardi 13 août 2024Post-quantum algebraic cryptograph
Du lundi 16 septembre 2024 au vendredi 20 septembre 2024https://physacoustics.sciencesconf.org/
Du mardi 01 octobre 2024 au vendredi 11 octobre 2024GDR Méso: Fondamentaux et avancées en physique quantique mésoscopique