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Travel to Cargèse

The shortest route to IESC is Ajaccio, and it's only possible by boat and plane.

Transport is the item that most mobilizes the involvement of participants who wish to be a little more eco-responsible in their way of traveling.

Below is some information on the carbon cost of different modes of transport (source futur.eco):

Paris-Ajaccio by plane (round trip) 467 kg CO2
Paris-Marseille by TGV (round trip) 4.5 kg CO2
Marseille-Ajaccio by Ferry (round trip) 50 kg* CO2

Low-carbon alternative:

From April 2024, the SAILCOOP cooperative will be offering sailings between Saint Raphaël and Calvi.

For more information: sailcoop.fr


Other itineraries, outside Ajaccio, are possible, but please note that public transport in Corsica is not very frequent. Driving through Corsica offers superb scenery, but takes time.


For further information, visit




Average journey time between the main towns:

Ajaccio - Cargèse 1:00
Calvi - Cargèse 2:30
Bastia - Cargèse 3:15
Corte - Cargèse 2:30


* excluding cabin and car


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