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The Institute started in the 60's as an independent nonprofit association (1901) in villa Menasina under the direction of Maurice Levy, an eminent theoretical physicist. At that time only few schools of theoretical physics were held at the venue during summer.

In 1975 the association was granted by governmental institutions with new facilities allowing a progressive increase in the activity of the Institute.

Since 1996 the Institute is affiliated to the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, University of Corsica and Université Côte d'Azur.
From its early days the Institute has progressively broaden the fields of activity and acquired new facilities; nowadays it hosts all year round scientific events, workshops and schools from a broad spectrum of disciplines.

The constant renewal and acquisition of new facilities has culminated in 2011 with the building of a novel environmental friendly extension, to increase the possibilities of lodging on the venue.

The IESC is internationally recognized for the high quality of the scientific program. Eminent scientists, Nobel, Lasker or Fields laureate regularly organize, animate and participate to events taking place at the IESC. The Nobel prize George Charpak has been a fervent supporter and accompanied the activities at the Institute in its early days. It is our pride to list among our participants Albert FertAlain Aspect, Pierre Gilles de GennesDoug NorthRandy SchekmanKonstantin Novozelov. and the 2016 Nobel prize in physics Duncan Haldane.


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