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Mar 10 - Mar 15 TRACT-ANAT, a retreat on fiber tractography and anatomy
  Laurent Petit (IMN Univ. Bordeaux)
Mar 18 - Mar 22 4ème école du GERM
  Stanislas Rapacchi (CRMBM Aix Marseille Univ.)
Mar 25 - Mar 29 9th Bologna Clermont Dortmund International School of High Energy Physics
  Jean Orloff (LPC, Univ. Clermont-Auvergne)
Apr 01 - Apr 05 MUOAA -Molecular Understanding of Atmospheric Aerosols
  Christian George (IRCE Lyon)
Apr 08 - Apr 12 Optimal transport: theory and applications
  Pierre Jacob (ESSEC Business School, Cergy Pontoise)
Apr 15 - Apr 19 Wave propagation and control in complex media - Mesoscopic phenomena and applications
  Mathias Fink, Romain Pierrat (ESPCI, Paris)
Apr 22 - 26 Apr Waves and Sea state in the earth system (WISE)
  Fabrice Ardhuin (LOPS IFREMER, Plouzané)
Apr 29 - May 03 7th workshop on the physics of complex oxides
  Manuel Bibes (Lab. Albert Fert, Palaiseau)
May 07 - May 17 Southern Ocean and its Central Role for Climate
  Jean-Baptiste Sallee (LOCEAN IPSL Sorbonne Univ.)
May 20 - May 24 Institutional & Organizational Economics Academy - IOEA 2024
  Eric Brousseau ( DRM, Univ. Paris-Dauphine)
May 27 - May 31 Collective Motion of Animals and Robots
  Philippe Peyla, Aurélie Dupont (LIP Univ. Grenoble-Alpes)
June 03 - June 07 Passive imaging and monitoring in wave physics: from seismology to ultrasound
  Nicolai Shapiro (ISTerre Univ. Grenoble-Alpes)
June 11 - June 21 Flow and Transport in porous and fractured media
  Camille Bouchez, Maria Klepikova, Cyprien Soulaine (Geosciences Rennes)
June 25 - July 05 BRIDGES meeting on special geometries and stability
  Eveline Legendre (Inst. Camille Jordan Univ. Lyon 1)
July 09 - July 19 Complex and glassy systems
  Giulio Biroli (LPS ENS Paris)
July 23 - Aug  02 Summer school Structure & Mechanics of Soft Matter Systems: from fundamentals to Foods
  Thibaut Divoux (Lab. physique ENS, Paris)
Aug 06 - Aug 16 Physics meets biology: Energy, dynamics and information
  Massimiliano Esposito, Alessandro Manacorda (Univ. Luxembourg)
Aug 20 - Aug 30 Electronic States and Phases Induced by Electric or Optical  Impacts. IMPACT 2024
  Serguei Brazovskii (Univ. Paris-Saclay)
Sept 02 - Sept 06 Cargese Workshop on Combinatorial Optimization 2024
  Samuel Fiorini (Univ. Libre de Bruxelles)
Sept 02 - Sept 06 Hot topics in Modern Cosmology - SW16
  Ugo Moschella (Univ. dell'Insubria IT), Roland Triay (CPT, Aix Marseille Univ.)
Sept 09 - Sept 14 Post-Quantum Agebraic Crytography
  Jean-Charles Faugères (PolSys LIP6 INRIA Paris
Sept 09 - Sept 14 Transport in Narrow channel - II
  Julian Talbot (LPTMC Sorbonne Univ.)
Sept 16 - Sept 20 European Summer School on Physical Acoustics and its Applications
  Diego Baresh (I2M Talence)
Sept 23 - Sept 27 2nd Summer school : Micro-physiological models: From organoids to organ-on-chips
  Morgan Delarue (LAAS-CNRS Toulouse)
Oct 01 - Oct 11 Matériaux 2D, Supraconductivité et circuits supraconducteurs, transport quantique et système hybrides : théorie et expériences

Cécile Naud (Néel, Grenoble), Danijla Markovic, (Univ. Paris-Sud, Orsay), Rebecca Ribeiro (C2N Palaiseau)

Oct 14 - Oct 18 Earthquakes 4th edition
  Antony Sladen (Geoazur Lab. Nice)
Oct 21 - Oct 25 Maturation and plasticity in biological and artificial neural networks
  Rémi Monasson (LPT ENS Paris)
Oct 28 - Nov 01 ESNMS 2024: Third edition of the European School on Nuclear Materials Science
  Marjorie Bertolus (Centre de Cadarache, St Paul les Durance)
Nov 04 - Nov 08

Journées Francophones de la Modélisation et de la Simulation JFMS 2024

  Paul-Antoine Bisgambiglia (SPE Univ. Corse)
Nov 18 - Nov 22 Structural Bioimformatics in the Alphafold / deap learning ERA - ALGOSB 2024
  Juan Cortes (LAAS Toulouse), Frédéric Cazals (INRIA Sophia-Antipolis)
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