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Mercredi 29 mai 2024 de 18h00 à 19h30 Les rendez-vous de l'IESC : Quand des pauvres petits poissons sont confrontés à l'IA, la réalité virtuelle, des robots et des drones !

Conférence grand public présentée par Clément Sire, Directeur de recherche CNRS, LPT, Univ. de Toulouse III « Je montrerai d’abord que les efforts communs de biologistes du comportement et de physiciens permettent...

Du lundi 27 mai 2024 au vendredi 31 mai 2024 Mouvements collectifs des animaux et des robots

Organisé par P.Peyla, Univ. Grenoble-Alpes L'étude et la compréhension du mouvement collectif des animaux est un sujet interdisciplinaire qui attire depuis longtemps l'attention de nombreux scientifiques (en physique statistique,...

Du lundi 03 juin 2024 au vendredi 07 juin 2024 Passive imaging and monitoring in wave physics: from seismology to ultrasound

Organized by L.Sthely The aim of this summer school is to bring together young scientists and established scientists working in the field of seismology and wave propagation in complex media, with a focus on passive imaging, monitoring and detection of...

Du mardi 11 juin 2024 au vendredi 21 juin 2024 Flow and Transport in porous and fractured media

Organized by T.Le Borgne The summer school will provide high-level interdisciplinary training on porous and fracture media processes. It will focus particularly on life supporting functions of the subsurface at interfaces between hydrology, geophysics...

Du mardi 25 juin 2024 au jeudi 04 juillet 2024 BRIDGES meeting on special geometries and stability

Organized by E.Legendre This two-week meeting will consist of a summer school (first week) and a conference (second week), focused on current topics at the crossroads of complex algebraic geometry and Riemannian geometry.

Du mardi 09 juillet 2024 au vendredi 19 juillet 2024 Complex and glassy systems

Organized by Giulio Biroli This school and workshop explores the topics around Complex and Glassy Systems from a statistical physics perspective. It aims to foster interactions among researchers while providing students with a solid and advanced knowledge...

Du mardi 23 juillet 2024 au vendredi 02 août 2024 Summer school Structure & Mechanics of Soft Matter Systems: from fundamentals to Foods

Organized by T.Divoux The goal of this international summer school  will provide a series of high-quality introductory lectures on Soft Matter covering the key building blocks, i.e., polymers and colloids, which can be used to formulate dispersions,...

Du mardi 06 août 2024 au vendredi 16 août 2024 Physics meets biology: Energy, dynamics and information

Organized by A.Manacorda & M.Esposito The school targets an audience of students and young researchers in physics, chemistry and biology, who are highly motivated by the prospect of a unified cross-disciplinary perspective on living systems focused...

Du mardi 20 août 2024 au vendredi 30 août 2024 Electronic States and Phases Induced by Electric or Optical Impacts. IMPACT 2024

Organized by S.Brazovskii, N.Kirova It is particularly important to reach a synergy and cross-fertilization between the branches of this diverse and still young science which still lack an acquaintance – particularly with respect to the major...

Du lundi 02 septembre 2024 au vendredi 06 septembre 2024 Cargese Workshop Combinatorial Optimization 2024

Organized by S. Fiorini the yearly Cargese workshop aims to bring together researchers in combinatorial optimization around a chosen topic of current interest. It is intended to be a forum for the exchange of recent developments and powerful tools,...

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