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Wave propagation in complex and microstructured media

Ecole organisée par P. Petitjeans et A. Maurel du lab. PMMH Paris, à l'IES Cargèse du 20 au 30 Août 2019
The objective of this school is to present recent advances in the field of wave propagation in complex media, with particular focuses on effective dynamics of micro-structured media and homogenization, and on guided waves. The main objective of the school is the pooling of knowledge in these domains so that participants can learn the formalisms - techniques - methods - tools from the different communities of wave physics (mechanical and acoustical waves, electromagnetism) and applied mathematics, and thus, enlarge their knowledge for their own research. The interdisciplinary nature of this school should generate exchanges and collaborations between the different communities involved in this subject
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DONZELLA DOMINIQUE | Mise à jour le 20/08/2019

Du mardi 20 août 2019 à 09h00 au vendredi 30 août 2019 à 12h30

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