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Information networks in biological systems

Organized by Rosa Cossart : Christophe Eloy, Thomas Lecuit, Pierre Milpied, Kheya Segupta, Olivier Théodoly

Each year, CENTURI gathers leading scientists from all over the world to tackle interdisciplinary and contemporary challenges in biology, physics, mathematics and computer science. CENTURI 2021 Scientific meeting will focus on how information networks underlie the organisation and dynamics of biological systems with examples in the fields of cell and developmental biology, neuroscience, immunology and social behaviour.

More information on https://centuri-livingsystems.org/csm2021/

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DOMINIQUE DONZELLA | Mise à jour le 16/09/2021

Du lundi 18 octobre 2021 à 09h00 au vendredi 22 octobre 2021 à 17h00

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