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GDR Méso: Fondamentaux et avancées en physique quantique mésoscopique

Organized by Cécile Naud, Danijela Markovi?, Rebeca Ribeiro-Palau
The main goal of the school is to provide pedagogical courses and colloquia from world experts in a variety of topics in mesoscopic quantum physics. he participation of newcomers to the field (PhD students, Postdoctoral researchers, research engineers and researchers), from France and abroad, is encouraged. 

Basic Courses : Coherent transport of charges and heat in mesoscopic devices,Mesoscopic supercoductivity,Quantum superconducting circuits,Introduction to 2D materials and twistronics,2D materials and  topology (QHE), Optomechanical Systems, Hybrid systems built from Nanowires

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DOMINIQUE DONZELLA | Mise à jour le 22/03/2024

Du mardi 01 octobre 2024 au vendredi 11 octobre 2024

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